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Shades of Shade is a coffee-table book containing a collection of my poetry and original artwork illustrating the poems. The poetry is a depiction of life and short stories. The poetry also deals with difficult topics and taboo that exist in some countries. These inspired me.

In this book, I am hoping to shed some light and create a better world of understanding in some societies. I have chosen to hire thirteen artists from different countries around the world to showcase their varied styles and mediums of art. These illustrations depict and demonstrate the base meaning of my poetry. I am hoping this book itself becomes a piece of art.





5.0 out of 5 stars Gut-wrenchingly Beautiful
February 4, 2019
Format: Paperback

I ordered from another site before seeing this available on Amazon. Since I (accidentally) ordered paperback from the other site I will utilize my Prime to now order the hardcover as I want to treasure these authentic works, both visual and verbal. I’m a Prime member for about 10 years and rarely review, but this work deserves accolades. Not only is the artwork uniquely designed by (16?) different artists to match the heart and soul of each poem, just have a glass of wine and fasten your seat-belt as fledgling author Devika Watkins takes you on a verbal adventure climbing the heights of ecstasy and just as rapidly plunging into the depths of human frailty and vulnerability. If you’ve suffered no hurt or heartache in this life, perhaps you’ll be unmoved. If your heart aches for those who have suffered or having suffered yourself, you may find the journey to be both gut-wrenching and oddly healing. Enjoy the ride!

  James Brenner 5.0 out of 5 stars

Definitely recommend this book for a good read June 3, 2019 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Absolutely amazing poetry book with innovative art concepts that stir the mind! There are so many unique touches to this book and each one delights and surprises. Very serious subjects are explored in a very neat way… a perfect coffee table book for entertaining… a multi cultural, interdisciplinary insight into many facets of culture and society … can’t wait to see more from this author!


Shades of Shade will both pull on your heartstrings and take you on a journey of ecstasy. Devika V. Watkins touches on many social and taboo subjects that will resonate with readers. I highly recommend reading Shades of Shade!